What made you get into Event Management?

It was after watching the movie ‘The Wedding Planner’ that I decided event management was something I would like to peruse. While the original goal was to become a wedding planner, I have loved my career as a professional conference organiser. Conferences can be so diverse, working across many different sectors with an audience that has a shared goal to learn and network.

What do you love most about your job?

That sense of achievement at the completion of a conference, which you have often been planning for 18 – 12 months. When onsite you get to watch all your planning come together, meet those speakers and delegates you have been talking with for months and enjoy the amazing food you drooled over when picking the menus.

What is your must have items when onsite at a conference?

Getting ready to go onsite is no small task when you have to pack for every possible situation. I am always stocked with stationary, scissors, blu tack and pins are a must. A label maker for any last-minute badges and comfortable shoes.

How has the events industry changed over the years?

When I first started organising conferences most registrations were received by fax and manually entered, so technology has certainly come a long way. Technology is now a huge factor for many conferences, especially with the current climate and virtually meetings taking over 2020.

I have also seen a huge shift in marketing for conferences. There is now a conference for everything! With this, conferences have to spend a lot more time and effort on marketing to ensure attendees choose to attend their conference.

If you could have any other job, what would it be?

I love animals. Any role that would involve working with animals would be extremely rewarding.

When you’re not busy at Watermark Events, what do you love to do?

Arts and crafts, playing in the park and swimming are all things my daughter loves to do, so they are my favourite things. They really do grow up quickly, so any time I can spend with her building sandcastles or running down the street pushing her bike are truly precious.