Erin Stacey
University of Canberra

Co-authors :
Jane Frost, University of Canberra
Gail Heinrich, University of Canberra

The global employability environment is “volatile and highly competitive” (Gribble, 2015). There are several barriers to developing employability of international students including employers’ concerns about cultural differences; inadequate language and communication skills; and international students’ concerns about the perceived lack of support in finding employment and WIL opportunities (Jackson & Greenwood, 2015).

The Global Employability Program (GEP) assists international students to build confidence and improve their familiarity with Australian workplace norms, culture, and language by involving them in interactive language and engagement activities. It provides students with industry knowledge, improves conversational English in the workplace and maximizes their Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experience.

In 2022, GEP is now a self-paced, flexibly offered program. Additionally, we have integrated a unique simulation that helps students to improve oral language using an AI platform. We have created scenarios tailored to experiences in a classroom (teacher education) and a clinical reasoning scenario (health). Initial pilot testing has shown the value of this platform to assist students with oral English language skills and is being implemented as a preplacement activity for multiple disciplines.

This presentation will showcase an innovative way to enhance support for both global employability and preplacement preparation to maximize students WIL experiences.