The conference industry is evolving and adapting, so why should the humble name badge be any different? Conference name badges are fast becoming the must have networking, marketing, and tracking tool.

Here’s how we are transforming our conference name badges:

Delegate Tracking

Who knew a piece of paper could hold so much information? One swipe of a QR code on your attendee name badges gives you the ability to monitor who is at your event.

With real time reporting, you know who is at your event or even which presentations they attend, giving accurate professional development points. Scanning is simple with any smart device.

Lead Capture

Business cards are so 2019!

Equip your attendees and exhibitors with the ability to exchange contact details with a scan of their name badge QR code. It’s a novel way to exchange contact details and a great conversation starter.

Your exhibitors will appreciate the ability to report who visited their stand and download contact details to follow up.

Networking Tool

Networking with fellow attendees to connect and engage is an important factor for delegates attending conferences.

Why not help break the ice with a fun fact about the participant printed under their name. By adding a simple question to your registration form you are helping create a conversation started at your event.

Program Overview

With organisers turning to conference apps instead of printed programs, a program summary on the back of name badges give attendees easy access to what is taking place.

Want to vamp your conference name badges?

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