There are many factors to consider when looking to use an event management company for your next conference or event. Going out to tender is a great way to learn more about the company, their offerings, and costings. But how do you narrow down your selection?

To distinguish if you are working with a qualified and experienced event manager, you may want to consider if they have been accredited by the Professional Conference Organisers (PCO) Association.  

Accreditation provides you with an assurance that the event manager you are working with is committed to the highest quality event management practices, consistency, and reliability in the delivery of services, professional standards, and dedication to continuous improvement.

When considering your next event, why not first review the PCO Associations list of accredited event manager. With only 72 certified event managers across Australia and New Zealand, you know you are working with an event manager held to the highest standard.  

Directors, Sarah Jones and Julie Jerbic from Watermark Events are both certified event managers with a combined 30 years’ experience in the events industry.